• Flight of fancy

There was a golden age of travel, so we hear. Somewhere just after reversing the family donkey out of a ditch for the fifteenth time and just before your fellow budget airline passenger reversing their bag over your foot in the race for a seat. Just there, it was all polished mahogany and staff being flung overboard for messing up your gin sling.
For the outrageously wealthy, it has been something of a life’s work to recreate this and we’re grateful to them for their attention to our heritage. But you can throw marble and lackeys at a holiday all day long and still be let down by one vital component: the flight. Because while first class might be oozing with free champagne and neck massages, you always run the risk that someone unsuitable might have been upgraded. Shudder indeed.
But fear not, because the good people at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts have stepped in to smooth over that bumpy ride. The company has leased a 757 with Four Seasons on the fuselage and the Four Seasons logo on the tail, while inside the completely retrofitted aircraft will feature interiors and exterior design customised by the company’s team of designers, “setting the stage for a travel experience like no other”.
“Taking our legendary service to the skies is a natural extension of what we’ve been doing in our hotels for more than 50 years,” said Susan Helstab, EVP marketing, “The Four Seasons Jet showcases the unforgettable people and experiences that make Four Seasons unique. It speaks to our pioneering spirit and the aspirations of today’s modern luxury traveller in an imaginative new way.”
The move is a step on from the company’s decision to create private jet journeys that focused exclusively on stays at Four Seasons properties worldwide in 2012. Trips on offer this year include a 24-day nine-destination trip around the world, beginning in Los Angeles and concluding with a celebratory dinner in London. “Highlighted by an only-by-private-jet stop at the Taj Mahal”, all accommodations will be at Four Seasons hotels and resorts. The price? USD119,000 per person.
“The decision to offer one-of-a-kind trips aboard a custom-designed Four Seasons Jet reflects an understanding of our guests’ evolving needs and preferences,” added Helstab. “It recognises their desire to pair adventure and discovery with the luxury of a fully immersive Four Seasons experience.”
And in case you still think there’s a risk of boorish fellow fliers, the Four Seasons Jet, including accompanying staff and crew, may also be privately chartered. Now if only I can evolve my bank balance to meet my needs and preferences.

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