The people behind the creation of the index



Nikodem SzumilNikodem Szumilo200o, Fellow in Economic Geography at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

My research is focused on applied real estate finance and economics. In particular, I am interested in the impact of (broadly defined) sustainability on property markets and regional economics. My finance-related projects focus on analyzing and quantifying risk, developing methods of forecasting income volatility and valuing real assets.

The most recent development is using a dynamic spatio-temporal model to forecast changes in asset prices and index their values. I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge where I later lectured and worked as a post-doctoral researcher. My interest in real estate economics is driven primarily by the main challenges of measuring and tracking asset values. Increasingly, I am turning to innovative datasets and methodologies to tackle these problems. I have a track record of successfully applying this approach in practice to a variety of real estate assets including office, residential, hotel and retail properties.

andrew sAndrew Sangster launched Hotel Analyst more than 13 years ago and it has grown into a publishing business that now encompasses a paid subscription service for hotel investors, a reports division and events.

There are three London-based conferences: The Hotel Distribution Event; The Hotel Alternatives Event; and the Hotel Operations Conference. You can find out more about the events and Hotel Analyst at

Andrew has been a journalist for his entire career, starting out on trade press titles before joining the national press and a brief spell at the BBC. He launched his own business focused on providing high level information on a subscription basis after despairing at the quality of what the old business model of selling advertising space was producing. Andrew holds a BSc in economics and a MA in journalism. He lives in Cambridge with his wife and three children.