Europe’s leading hotel brands

The Hotel Brands Report 2018 has just been published and features more than 150 pages of analysis alongside the ranking table.

“Branding is a complex issue which is often poorly understood. This study attempts to meld quantitative data with the trickier qualitative to give a comprehensive overview,” says Andrew Sangster, editorial director and owner of the Hotel Analyst Group.

The study looks at the power of brands, the halo effect, luxury brands and soft brands under a section entitled “Trends and issues”. The follow-on section, “Segmentation of brands”, deals with star-ratings, chain scale, types, purpose and proposes a bespoke system to classify brands.

The main body of the report deals with an in-depth analysis of each leading hotel brand with a concluding section identifying brands to watch.

The report is authored by Katherine Doggrell, Editor of Hotel Analyst. Katherine uses her experience and knowledge in the hotel industry to create a unique and comprehensive analysis of the European hotel brand landscape.

Sample – Hotel Brands 2018