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    Fabrizio Gaggio, Gruppo UNA S.p.A.

    Hotel Analyst keeps the reader up to date without having to resort to diverse other publications.”
    Fabrizio Gaggio, Managing Director, Gruppo UNA, S.p.A.

    Adrian Turner, Crownway Capital

    “One of the best, most insightful and most concise hotel investment newsletter I use.”

    Adrian Turner, MD, Crownway Capital

    Arturo Esposito, Regional Director of Operations, Grupo Pestana

    "I believe Hotel Analyst provides an interesting and important insight to the hotel industry, giving managers and leaders in the field an excellent and much needed strategic outlook into the industry, not found in any other publication of its kind." Arturo Esposito, Regional Director of Operations, Grupo Pestana 

    Dominique Bourdais, MD Bourdais Consulting

    "Hotel Analyst is a publication I look forward to receiving. It allows me to keep informed on what is happening in the market without having to scan all sorts of publications. In our business we need to be constantly up-to-date with our market knowledge. Hotel Analyst does just that in one single read." Dominique Bourdais, Director, Bourdais Consulting

    Andrew H Bates MRICS, Consultant Surveyor

    “As a sole practitioner I have really appreciated receiving Hotel Analyst over the last three years. It is one of my principal sources of current information and analysis and has been of material assistance to me on a number of occasions in discussions with my hotel client base. I have no hesitation in recommending your publication.”

    Andrew H Bates MRICS, Consultant Surveyor

    Alex Mavridis, COO – EMEA, Hotel Solutions Partnership

    “Hotel Analyst stands out from the crowd. With the myriad of hotel publications out there it is comforting to find one that gets to the facts accurately and succinctly and supports this with its own analysis. It is the one newsletter I never miss.” Alex Mavridis, COO - EMEA, Hotel Solutions Partnership

    Tony Potter, Braveagle Partnership Ltd

    “In a busy world where high values are placed on time, Hotel Analyst is one of the fastest, most effective and efficient methods of keeping abreast with developments, news and business issues in the hospitality industry. Its style is innovative and simplistic in terms of getting accurate and important information across in a publication which is always an interesting pleasure to read from many perspectives.” Tony Potter, Senior Consultant, Braveagle Partnership Ltd

    Jon Brown, Virgin Limited Edition

    “Hotel Analyst is an extremely valuable industry update. The contributors are insightful, pragmatic and well respected; therefore their comments and analysis are invaluable.”

    Jon Brown, Managing Director, Virgin Limited Edition

    Martin Armitstead, Hotel Development Advisor

    "This is one of the industry news sources that I always make sure I read. Invaluable."

    Martin Armitstead, Hotel Development Advisor

    Wolfgang M. Neumann, Director, Radisson Hotel Group

    "Hotel Analyst is my absolute favourite publication amongst the many hotel publications. It combines facts with in depth analyses and editorial wisdom. For me a must read." Wolfgang M. Neumann, Director, Radisson Hotel Group

    Tim Helliwell, Barclays Bank

    "Not only does Hotel Analyst cover the key stories, it provides informed comment and the angle that leaves the reader reflecting."

    Tim Helliwell, Relationship Director Hospitality & Leisure Team, Barclays Bank 

    Andreas Scriven, Hospitality & Leisure, Deloitte LLP

    “Hotel Analyst delivers relevant, current and insightful reporting and opinion on the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the hospitality industry today.” Andreas Scriven, Head of Hospitality & Leisure, Deloitte LLP