The vote to leave the EU was one of the most unexpected events in recent history, revealing a new and more demanding voice from an electorate calling for change.

This report features comment and forecasts from experts across the sector, seeking to make sense of something which seem unimaginable a year ago and instead of facing closed doors, find opportunity.

The process will be, to paraphrase one of our contributors, like negotiating with a Rubik’s Cube. Multiple moving parts, myriad competing interests. Complex and fiendish. On the one side, a UK seeking sovereignty, on the other, an EU driven by a philosophy hewn out of the destruction of war.

The hospitality sector is on the front line, relying on freedom of movement to supply its staff and ease of travel to supply its guests. The falling pound has already made its presence felt, bringing customers in from overseas, while the British have not, as yet, lost their taste for trips. As it gives, it takes away, with supply costs rising and a close eye on the bottom line is more required than ever.

Navigating the next two years will be a challenge for the UK government. The analysis in this study is vital reading for hospitality professionals and investors hoping to be more informed.