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    Hotels get to work

    Hotel groups have spent the summer designing new day rental packages, to help replace lost overnight revenues, and appeal to staff obliged to work from home due to covid-19. For some, this builds on existing co-working offerings. For others, there is an opportunity to explore the rental of bedrooms by the day rather than the [...]

    New exchange promises broader choice

    A new spread of investment vehicles continues to make the case for investment in European hotels, and wider real estate, despite the Covid-19 downturn. In the UK, a new stock exchange for real estate, IPSX, has been launched, promising a new, liquid route to investment directly in property. And across Europe, funds are gathering financial [...]

    Oiling the wheels of travel

    A number of initiatives are under way to help restart international air travel, as governments and non-profits look at routes around covid-19 restrictions. Health passports, airport testing and travel corridors are all under active consideration. Authorities in Australia are looking to build air corridors with key tourism source nations. The country has already indicated it [...]

    New consumer behaviour

    While considerable uncertainty still remains around when travel at large will be resuming, research continues to point to a strong desire to do so. And the latest figures released from InterContinental Hotels show how restricted consumers changed their accommodation buying habits, as cross border travel remained restricted. At the World Travel & Tourism Council, the [...]

    Sustainability to the fore

    Hoteliers around the globe are, finally, waking up to the importance of sustainability in their operations. While global organisations such as UNWTO are talking of improving sustainability, hotel owners, operators and brands are also starting the process of greening their operations. The last week saw two important new organisations launched, each with a stake in [...]

    Hostels struggle

    While serviced apartments have fared relatively well during the Covid-19 crisis, another hotel alternative, hostels, has struggled to cope with lockdown, and with finding business thereafter. With a consumer base founded on the young, footloose traveller, and an accommodation offer based around shared space, operators in the niche have suffered from scarcity of guests, and [...]