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    Airbnb lurches to float

    Accommodation platform Airbnb has finally revealed more of its long-promised IPO. The US market flotation is now due to take place sometime in December. It is forecast to put a valuation of around USD30bn on the operation. The move, forced on the company by the need to repay early supporters, comes at the end of [...]

    Alliance groups find wind in their sails

    Independent hotel marketing groups are having a banner year for signups, as their promise of marketing support chimes with embattled luxury hotel owners. The alliances come armed with new research, promising independent hotels can enjoy superior returns to those expected by alternatively aligning themselves with the big brands. A recent white paper, delivered by Preferred [...]

    Resilient apartments

    Serviced apartments have fared far better as a sector than hotels, through the Covid-19 crisis. That more resilient performance is now leading to calls for a reassessment of the way such properties are valued. Both statistical data and anecdotal evidence point to a niche that has delivered far better through 2020, than might have been [...]

    Future direction

    While news of vaccines to counter the Covid-19 pandemic have raised spirits and share prices in recent weeks, the hotel sector is still assessing its likely path to market recovery. Recent events have provided more colour on that path, via sector opinion surveys and a regular forward-looking session at Scandinavian hotel group Pandox’s annual markets [...]

    Screws turn on rent forgiveness

    Calls for an initiative to tackle rent bills across the hospitality space are growing. The substantial, and accumulating backlog comes as ever more companies move closer to a fight for survival. One of the latest to kick back at landlords is Scandic, which like Travelodge in the UK, operates a leased hotel portfolio and so [...]

    Pain felt in Spain

    Spanish hotel groups are continuing to face challenges, due to their reliance on inbound visitors to drive business. Further European lockdowns, combined with weaker seasonal business, have led to a situation where planned reopenings have stalled, and some hotels are being shuttered for the second time this year. At both Melia and NH Hotels, hopes [...]