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    How bad?

    Last week Hotel Analyst asked the question: How long? The answer was probably two years before something like normality begins to return. Some in the sector are still focused on Covid-19 being a short-term phenomenon that will be over by the summer. Some hope. No one can be sure of the full duration but the [...]

    Brands shore up the balance sheet

    Hotel groups are reacting ever faster to the challenging environment as governments act to restrict the impact of coronavirus on their populations. While policy is being led by the need to restrict the spread of the virulent flu strain, those decisions are having a potentially lethal impact on the hospitality and travel sectors. Generally, moves [...]

    Germany facing long term issues

    Germany’s hotel market is facing a long recovery to normal business, as coronavirus shutdowns combine with market oversupply. Last week saw the country shut its borders, and act to restrict gatherings by closing non-essential shops, bars, nightclubs, concert halls, and museums. The country has the third largest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, behind Italy [...]

    Debt structures under pressure

    With hotel cashflows collapsing as a result of coronavirus lockdowns, owners and operators are facing tough decisions around maintaining their businesses. While operators focus on cutting overheads and paying rent, investors who are highly leveraged face a different range of pressures. And those with complex debt instruments are wrestling with a number of unintended consequences [...]

    Blended living promise

    Investors are coming round to the idea of creating blended living communities, in a bid to create portfolios of residential accommodation with a truly mixed risk and return profile. The concept is already in effect in some US developments, and there is now a growing appetite in Europe. In a recent white paper, Investec posed [...]

    Disruptors feel the heat

    Signs that the sharing economy has matured, and is now facing the competitive pressures of an established accommodation marketplace, are growing. Poster child Airbnb is facing growing losses, and facing an unrelenting degree of regulatory pressure. And, with the demise of the Hostmaker business in Europe, come signs that sharing economy support businesses are struggling [...]