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    Marriott re-signs with Expedia

    Marriott International and Expedia Group have concluded months of negotiations over commission rates, with the operator reportedly increasing the control it has over when and where rooms are sold. Neither party revealed the commission level being paid, which was thought to have fallen from 12% to 10%, but highlighted plans for a new transient booking [...]

    Queensgate signs ground-rent deal

    Alpha Real Capital has acquired the ground rents of the three-strong portfolio of central London hotels bought by Queensgate earlier this year. The agreement illustrated the growing popularity of ground rent transactions, despite concerns that tightening terms were making the structures less benign. Queensgate acquired the four Grange Hotels last month, with the sites being [...]

    EasyHotel looks overseas

    EasyHotel said that it would start moving away from ownership and towards franchising in the UK, as it built up its estate. The comments were made as the group released a trading update in which it was confident despite faltering performance in its domestic market. Guy Parsons, EasyHotel CEO, told Hotel Analyst: “We’re going to [...]

    Safestay eyes acquisitions

    Safestay said that it would continue to expand in the UK and Europe, fuelled by GBP10.36m raised in December. The group said that it would focus on ownership, but looked to a point where it would franchise the brand to grow its global coverage. Nuno Sacramento, the company’s COO, told Hotel Analyst that all of [...]

    Global majors push ME centuries

    Hilton said that it expected to close to 100 hotels in the Middle East and North Africa over the next five years. The announcement came as Marriott International outlined its ambitions in the Middle East and Africa, where it was also looking to add 100 hotels. Hilton reported a series of deals which it said [...]

    Marriott buys out AC

    Marriott International has bought out its joint venture with AC Hotels, acquired the remaining stake from founder Antonio Catalán for a reported EUR140m. Catalán will continue to work with the AC brand as it expands globally, while Marriott International was set to continue to grow in the lifestyle segment. Marriott International entered into the original [...]