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    Radisson brushes up on its German

    Hotel groups are ignoring short term concerns over economic conditions and strong pipeline, and doubling down on their commitment to growing portfolios in Germany and surrounding countries. Radisson has just announced it will accelerate expansion of its Radisson flags in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A strategic joint venture sees the group working with German developer [...]

    Disruptors rack up losses

    Disruptors continue to plough money into the Indian marketplace, with hotels a key part of the consumer landscape that companies such as Amazon and Oyo want to dominate. Amazon, which is reckoned to have racked up losses to date of around USD1bn in its Indian operation, is set to start offering hotel bookings via its [...]

    Flexible office market shakeout

    Flexible workspace providers are reformatting their offerings, as the sector resets following the downturn in fortunes of WeWork. While some operators are coming under pressure, others are launching fresh ventures into the space, and established incumbents are preparing for consolidation. At WeWork, expansion plans are on hold, as office landlords question the risk attached to [...]

    Aparthotel operators look for mainstream money

    Operators in the serviced apartment space are preparing for a new wave of development, as the niche attracts more mainstream investors. The moves include putting well-connected board members in place, as has happened recently at both the Staycity and Room2 groups. While the potential for attracting new money into the niche has been demonstrated by [...]

    Graduate leads lifestyle push

    AJ Capital partners, the group behind Graduate Hotels, has acquired two Macdonald hotels in the UK. The move helps the lifestyle brand secure a second UK site for its international expansion. In Scotland, AJ has bought the Rusacks hotel in St Andrews, where it plans a major refurbishment and expansion that will add 44 more [...]

    Airbnb signs Olympic deal

    Airbnb has signed a multiyear sponsorship deal with the International Olympic Committee, to become its accommodation partner. But the agreement has already sparked opposition from stakeholders in Olympic host city Paris. The move comes as Airbnb looks to position itself as a responsible, mainstream accommodation provider, ahead of a likely 2020 IPO. The company recently [...]