• Birmingham joins world rankings

There were many fascinating insights during the Hilton Hotels Corp presentation about its acquisition of Hilton International but one that startled was just how important the Birmingham Metropole is on a global scale.

This one hotel generates so much revenue that it puts Birmingham into eighth position in the top 10 ranking of the enlarged Hilton family's most important markets by revenue.

The Birmingham property rakes in EBITDA at such a level that it accounts for between 1% and 2% of total group EBITDA.

In comparison, London, which has three owned or leased hotels (Park Lane, Heathrow and the Metropole) is in third place with between 7% and 8% of total group EBITDA.

The only other markets outside the US in the top 10 are Puerto Rico, at 10th with less than 1% of group EBITDA, and Sydney, at ninth, also with less than 1% of group EBITDA.
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