• IHG loses head of Asia-Pacific

Just a month after announcing his promotion to the main board, InterContinental is parting company with Patrick Imbardelli, its head of the Asia-Pacific region.

Imbardelli’s departure follows a review of his CV which uncovered that he had not obtained the three degrees he listed but had simply attended classes at the universities that awarded them.

The removal of Imbardelli is the latest casualty among senior hotel executives, following the departure of Steve Heyer at Starwood.

Unlike in the Heyer case, however, IHG did not appear to have any issue with Imbardelli’s management style but simply that his deceit had undermined the trust placed in him.

Ironically, some press reports suggested that one of the universities in Imbardelli’s CV had written about his career success in its own alumni newsletter.

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