• Marriott cleans up in rooms

Marriott has confirmed that it intends to make all the hotels in its system porn-free by 2013. Initially it is banning porn at newly built hotels but will extend the prohibition as existing agreements with guestroom entertainment providers expire.

The move is not entirely driven by morals, however, as Marriott admits that revenue from in-room entertainment has been on a steady decline in recent years.

While specific figures on how much income is generated, a 2007 study by adult industry site XBIZ put it at over $500m across the hotel sector.

What has become clear is that this revenue has been falling in recent years, mainly because guests have been bringing their own viewing on their laptops, mobiles and tablet computers.

As a result, Marriott International has announced that, due to changing technology, the group would be shifting its in-room entertainment offering to an internet-based video-on-demand system, but one which would not include adult entertainment.

Customers will see this first in new hotels, with the estate expected to be clean of such diversions by 2013.

The other driver for this decision has been lobbying, predominantly in the US, by consumer groups attempting to have such mature viewing banned, citing the possibility that children would see it or be able to purchase it. Marriott was quick to point out that it had strict procedures in place to prevent this happening.

The switch away from in-room entertainment revenues follows the same trend as phone revenues. The broadband era is seeing hoteliers increasingly expected by guests to supply connectivity but are left with little opportunity to generate revenue from such services, whether wholesome or not.

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