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Regional winners

Two thirds of 12 UK regions saw hotel profits improve in 2013. Using a goppar measure, hotels in greater London, the east, north east and West Midlands all saw business profitability slip, report Hotstats.

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Sochi hotel squeeze

A lack of luxury hotel rooms, high prices and visa requirements mean the Sochi Winter Olympics will see few US sports fans. Tour operators expect American visitor numbers at the event to be the lowest in 20 years, reports Bloomberg.

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Mobile opportunity missed

One third of UK hotels and b&bs have made their websites mobile friendly, while just 13% have a special iPad version of their sites. With 87% of smartphone owners now using their devices to search, poorly designed sites leave businesses missing out, warns Hibu.

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Busy Melbourne

Asian buyers are snapping up hotel properties in Melbourne, with two major deals just struck. Chinese investor Fu Wah International has bought the Park Hyatt, while Singaporean investor World Class Land has grabbed a development project, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Canadian Choice

Choice Hotels has signed a partnership with Maplewood Hotels to expand into Canada. The deal will grow its Cambria Suites brand with an initial five sites set to start building during 2014.

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