• A night on the ocean wave

The idea of a floating hotel usually brings to mind tired ocean liners, dragged in to help out an overworked exhibition venue. But Finnish company Sunborn aims to change all that with new arrivals in London and Gibraltar, where its rather smarter floating hotels will be installed later this year.

Sunborn already operates land-based hotels in Finland and Germany, with other European locations in the pipeline. It has operated floating hotel rooms at its flagship Naantali Spa property for some time, and will be relocating the ship used there to London, following a refit.

In Gibraltar, the 189 room yacht will be moored in the Ocean Village Marina, offering five-star accommodation for visitors to the rock. In London, the smaller 138 room Sunborn Princess will moor alongside London’s ExCel exhibition centre from March. There is also talk of a similar vessel being moored in Barcelona.

Forget banging your crown on the bulkhead, the vessels are designed as accommodation first, and for ocean going second, ensuring the accommodation is spacious and on the flat. The concept could be just the solution, where city planning authorities get sniffy about new hotel developments.

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