• Issue 988

Abu Dhabi leads

Hotels in Abu Dhabi topped the region’s performance in April, with four and five star hotels seeing 84.6% occupancy, helped by good MICE visitor numbers. ARR was up 9% pushing revpar up 18.2% while goppar was ahead 25.8%, reports Hotstats.

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Bangkok takes a hit

Hotels in Bangkok are experiencing a four year low in bookings, due to the country’s political crisis. Occupancy averaged 56% in the first four months, as tourists chose alternatives such as Malaysia, reports Bloomberg.

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Disrupters make progress

A new wave of online innovators is pushing to ensure fewer travellers pay rack rate for hotel rooms. Stayful, HotelTonight, TripBAM and Yapta are all new market entries looking for smarter ways to sell discounted inventory, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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Chinese finesse

Tea, toothbrushes and slippers are among the items Chinese hotel guests expect to see on arrival. The items are listed in a know-how guide to welcoming Chinese visitors, put together by HotelREZ.

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