• Issue 1046

Marstons adds rooms


Pub group Marstons is to increase the number of hotels in its portfolio. Up to five new openings a year will include accommodation, reports Reuters. 


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Regional UK sweeps clean


Hotels in Sheffield, Liverpool and Bristol are the cleanest in the UK, while those in London are among the worst. The ranking comes from the latest cleanliness survey by booking portal hotel.info.


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Airbnb data revealed


Accommodation sharing site AirBnb has agreed to provide the New York attorney general with personal information on 124 current and former renters through the site. The data was requested as part of a probe into tax and occupancy law violations, reports Bloomberg.


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Add-on inflation


Hotels will charge a record USD2.25bn in add-on fees this year, up 6% from 2013. Storing luggage and receiving packages are the latest add-ons, reports the Wall Street Journal.


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