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Andrew and Sarah picAndrew Sangster and Sarah Sangster


Andrew Sangster, a leading financial journalist who has spent his career reporting on the sector, launched his news service over 10 years ago. A decade later and it is viewed as the key title in the real estate investment arena for anyone involved in ‘hotelising’ their real estate.

“Our aim is to be the best content provider for real estate investors. We aim to do this through our news service, reports and events” says Andrew.

As well as providing an analytical news and report service, Hotel Analyst has joined forces with Bench Events to host the Operational Real Estate Festival (OpRE). OpRE is a platform where over 300 investors, owners, financiers, operators, advisors, brokers and innovators will come together to form the operational real estate deals of the future. For 2020 due to Covid-19 OpRE has gone virtual to become Real Estate Tomorrow and joins the ‘Tomorrow’ series hosted by Bench Events. On the 16th June over 60 key influences will join the content driven programme and around 400 owners and financiers will learn and network with fellow colleagues, advisors, brokers and innovators.



Chris Bown
Editor, Hotel Analyst