HA Perspective 2020

    Staycation boost

    With lockdowns easing, but international travel restrictions in place, regional hotel markets are enjoying a strong boost. Across the UK, coastal destinations are reporting strong bookings, with occupancies ahead of 2019. Investors, too, have shaken off their concerns, with transaction levels up and no shortage of buyers for properties coming to the market. The strength [...]

    Students poised to return

    Key actors in the student accommodation market are holding their breath as a tranche of new students are awarded notional grades, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown. This, combined with worries over a safe return to universities, and increasing international tensions that threaten the flow of Asian students, have added stress in the purpose built student [...]

    Bottom of the V

    Spanish hotel groups NH and Melia reported second quarter losses of comparable scale, as they battled with locked down markets across Europe. While the situation is now improving, senior management at both companies continue to warn of the struggle ahead, as markets start to improve – but profits may be hard to come by. At [...]

    L&R Hotels builds Iconic

    Hotel owner and manager London & Regional Hotels is taking the next steps in building an international luxury hotel collection within its expansive portfolio. The company has confirmed its Venetian property, the Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort, will be placed under the niche collection, and will be followed by additions in Greece and the US. [...]

    Travelodge on cusp of losing owners

    The row between Travelodge UK and landlords has escalated with landlords now examining what they believe are viable alternatives to continuing the Travelodge leases. Leading the field of the options is a joint effort between Accor, Gullwing Hospitality and Oasis Holdings. AGO Hospitality teams owners, operator and brand in a pooling of operational real estate [...]

    Pandox hails the rebound

    Swedish hotel owner and operator Pandox says European markets are rising once more, at a pace higher than it initially expected. The improvement comes off the back of a second quarter which saw the group bumping along financially, as hotels languished with minimal occupancy. Comparable revenues for property management were down 42% at SEK527m, while [...]

    Kew Green spots Asian opportunity

    Third party hotel managers are eyeing up potential new business, as coronavirus lockdowns ease and landlords re-evaluate their hotel investments. Weaker players are heading into distress, leaving those with well-funded operations ready to move in. And, as the moves around Travelodge in the UK have shown, disgruntled landlords are increasingly ready to look at new [...]

    Surveys provide encouragement

    A range of surveys have pointed to an encouraging expectation of recovery in travel volumes, over coming months. But to improve the return, there are also calls for greater coordination and clarity over current travel restrictions. While many are hailing resurgent leisure travel, research by Accor in Europe suggests business may not be far behind. [...]

    Huazhu provides east-west recovery view

    Chinese hotel group Huazhu says it expects revenues to reach around 85% of 2019 levels, before the end of the year. The group has a close eye on both the Chinese market and, through its acquisition of Deutsche Hospitality, on post-covid progress in Europe. It said first quarter revenues were down by 35%, and it [...]

    Hotels a dirty word?

    Two major US-based private equity investors appear to be losing their appetite for hotels. Both Colony Capital and Blackstone have defaulted on debt payments relating to hotel assets recently, seemingly keen to be seen stepping away from the sector. But seasoned observers suggest the moves are simply a fresh investor ploy to get lenders around [...]