Issue 32: 16th September, 2020

    Investors ease back on the throttle

    Investors are holding back on investment decisions, as the market reacts to the consequences of the covid-19 lockdown across Europe. There is also evidence that, out of this downturn, lenders will apply a different strategy to previously, depriving private equity and vulture investors the opportunity to grab bargains in the accommodation space. The coronavirus has [...]

    Homelessness – an alternative opportunity

    The covid-19 lockdown forced the issue of homelessness to the fore in many cities. Now, a group of investors is proposing the creation of a reit to focus specifically on providing supported accommodation suitable for this previously largely ignored group of people. While local authorities are obliged to offer support for those who are homeless, [...]

    Digital strategies in flux

    The coronavirus lockdown has prompted many to rethink their business models. And many in the hospitality sector are rethinking their attitude to digital technologies, as their businesses emerge once more into an ever more mercurial marketplace. OTA groups Booking and Expedia are still looking to regroup, having already been considering the direction their future should [...]

    Efficiency gains in the cleaning game

    As hotels have reopened across the globe, operators have faced a raft of new challenges. Resources need to be balanced against lower revenues; new cleaning and greeting protocols adopted; and staff have had to be trained to respond to new, covid-19-driven routines. Housekeeping, already one of the biggest resource issues, has had to face changes [...]