Issue 36: 13th October, 2020

    Sustainability to the fore

    Hoteliers around the globe are, finally, waking up to the importance of sustainability in their operations. While global organisations such as UNWTO are talking of improving sustainability, hotel owners, operators and brands are also starting the process of greening their operations. The last week saw two important new organisations launched, each with a stake in [...]

    Hostels struggle

    While serviced apartments have fared relatively well during the Covid-19 crisis, another hotel alternative, hostels, has struggled to cope with lockdown, and with finding business thereafter. With a consumer base founded on the young, footloose traveller, and an accommodation offer based around shared space, operators in the niche have suffered from scarcity of guests, and [...]

    Funds gather for buying spree

    Europe’s experienced fund managers are building warchests, ahead of an expectation that attractive acquisitions will come to the market within the next two to three quarters. In Spain, Azora Group has already reached its target and is looking for a modest overage on a new European hotel fund. In the teeth of the Covid-19 lockdown, [...]

    Investors open up their cheque books

    Recent weeks have seen a resurgence of the hotel investment market across the UK. While not returning to previous levels of activity, the market is improving, with sellers listing properties confident of attracting sensibly priced offers. While agents have pointed to demand largely from domestic buyers, US investor AJ Capital Partners continues to put its [...]