Issue 39: 11th November, 2020

    Winners and losers

    Leading US listed hotel groups divided themselves into two groups, as they revealed Q3 results – those in the black, and those still calling a loss. While the quarter’s leisure-driven recovery provided positive progress, CEOs urged caution, with warnings that the improvements of the summer are now looking to stall. Covid-19 lockdowns have returned to [...]

    Asset owners ponder relationships

    Embattled hotel owners are beginning to reassess relationships, as they struggle to contain cash losses, further trim costs and wonder when large scale business and events income will return. US Reits Park Hotels and Host Hotels both continue to juggle reopenings of their large footprint properties, in the face of demand that improved through the [...]

    The long road back

    Hotels in the UK could take four years until business recovers to pre Covid-19 levels. That’s the stark warning from consultants PwC, in their latest annual review of the British market. In predicting a likely average occupancy of 55% for 2021, the forecast draws on an expectation that a vaccine against Covid-19 will be available [...]

    Keeping it real

    Investors remain committed to investing in real estate assets, convinced of their long-term attraction and solid returns. A new survey of 1,000 executives actively involved in real asset investment, carried out by Aviva Real Investors, suggests investors are doubling down on tangible assets – albeit in a world of ever greater uncertainty. “Real estate long [...]