The post-viral landscape for the hotel sector

    There is a widespread misconception that globally governments have pressed the pause button on the economy and that once the virus outbreak is tamed, everybody can press play to start the economic music once more. A better analogy is that governments have turned the volume down so that we have silence for the next few [...]

    West hunkers down as East reopens

    As the global coronavirus pandemic advances, hotel operators are becoming increasingly creative as they seek ways to protect and maintain their businesses, in the face of government shutdowns. And, as western governments deploy more draconian measures to restrict the spread of the virus, Chinese hotelier Huazhu reported on its latest activities, with hotels reopening and [...]

    Unizo battle ends, as values slump

    US investor Lone Star is poised to win control of Japanese hotel group Unizo, after a protracted bid battle. The deal looks set to move to completion, despite a delay to the Tokyo Olympics for one year, and coronavirus effects that could knock Japan’s economy. Lone Star’s latest move, upping its previous offer to JNY6,000 [...]

    WeWork’s ultimate flex challenge

    Flexible office providers are facing tough times, as governments close working premises and force individuals to work from home wherever possible. The imposition comes at a particularly tricky time for the sector’s waning star WeWork, already reeling from a downturn after a stalled IPO, and an enforced change in senior management. According to operating platform [...]

    Hiccups for student accommodation providers

    Student accommodation providers are reshaping their businesses, in the face of coronavirus disruption. But all are quietly hoping that the international shutdown will be over in time for the autumn term to begin in September 2020. The sector is facing growing calls to respond to the shutdown by culling fees, for both tuition and accommodation, [...]