Video reports providing an overview of the hotel industry.

Our new video reports are the fastest and most efficient way of understanding the hotel industry. We provide expert commentary on the issues that matter in a format that is proven to be the best method of absorbing complex information.

The video reports, produced and published with YBC (Your Business Channel), are aimed at people entering the hotel industry and needing to get to grips with what matters fast. New team members who have no previous experience of the sector or in need of a refresher can be briefed in the most cost effective way available.

Andrew Sangster talks frankly about the key issues impacting the industry today. The headings include : “A recent history of the hospitality industry”; “The industry today”; “The Friction between owners and operators”; and “The impact of social technologies and platforms”.

Key benefits of watching the video reports:

  • To gain knowledge of the hotel industry to enable you talk confidently and authoritatively to colleagues and clients.
  • Included in the report package is 30 minutes of consultancy with Andrew Sangster so specific issues affecting an individual can be discussed and questions answered.

The report package costs £2,000.00 and includes:

  • 21 video reports delivered directly to your desktop via our secure video service.
  • A full written report summarising the content of the video reports.
  • 30 minutes of individual consultancy time with Andrew Sangster to answer any questions regarding issues discussed in the industry. Either via an online discussion or by telephone.