The new report examines how hotel operations create value

The value of hotel operations has been a neglected and misunderstood part of the hotel business. Investors have historically focused on the real estate or brand.

But a new breed of third-party manager has exposed the importance of this aspect of the hotel business. And a new report, The key trends and issues in hotel operations 2016, has just been published by Hotel Analyst, the news analysis service for hotel investors, to highlight the growing importance of this area.

This report, produced by Sue McKenney, is not focused on how to be a better chef or the best way to clean a room: rather it explores how value is created by managing chefs and housekeepers more effectively. It highlights how focused management across all aspects of the hotel will deliver the best results and hones in on just what the management looks like.

“There are three pillars of value in the hotel business – real estate, brand and operations. This new report focuses on the least understood of the three, hotel operations. It builds on our latest event, the Hotel Operations Conference,” says Andrew Sangster, editorial director of Hotel Analyst.

The report begins by looking at the rise of third-party management companies. Next it moves on to look at outsourcing, a trend which presents both strong advantages and disadvantages to today’s hotel operator. Property technology is an important component of hotel management. Subjects such as the Internet of Things, in-room offerings, point of sale and property management are reviewed.

The future shape of contracts in both franchise and management of hotels are an essential element of hotel operation and these will be discussed. Keeping costs under control is a major challenge for any hotel operation and the report discusses the latest thinking in procurement.



SAMPLE The Key Trends & Issues in Hotel Operations 2016